Michael Topham was born in Yorkshire in 1954 and studied design at Trent Polytechnic in Nottingham. After a brief spell as an exhibition designer he travelled to Qatar to work with a leading British sculptor and environmental artist, for the Emir's office.

Here Michael was involved in a diverse range of design activities including interiors and furniture, landscaping, conceptual design, architectural drawing and model-making. After four years Michael moved to Dubai where, for a further fourteen years, he was mainly involved with landscaping design/construction and project management.

During his busy career in the Middle East Michael managed to exhibit art works in Qatar and Dubai. He returned to the UK in 1996 to be a self-employed garden designer and contractor, and continues to produce amusing creations in a variety of materials including wire, plaster and paper, in both two and three dimensions.

Email: mike@miketopham.co.uk

Telephone: 01929 792139

Mobile: 07778 399003



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